Kitchen Duct and Canopy Cleaning Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions

At Fat Busters Steam cleaning we want to take the nasty work out of keeping your  kitchen canopy clean and fire safe. Cleaning the canopy and ductwork properly is not a job for the faint hearted. Our hardened well trained staff will ensure that all assessable areas of the canopy are cleaned back to bare metal.

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Let us do the hard work and reduce your fire hazards

Why can’t my employees clean my hood? Many owners should be aware of occupational work and safety issues. Should your employee fall when cleaning the canopy and injure themselves you may be left liable. We are properly trained, qualified and certified. work of this nature takes special tools equipment and expertise to properly and thoroughly clean.

What should I look for when hiring a company? You should look at training, certification and years of experience. Fat Busters Steam Cleaning is the market leaders of hospitality choice with over 120 hotels in Queensland alone. We provide  you with the best, most reliable and safest service available.

What do you clean? We take care of what you see in the kitchen, but more importantly what you do not see from the roof down.. We clean the entire system, starting from the exhaust fan and motor, then down the flue, cleaning the system to bare metal, clean the filter mounts, clean and polish the hood.

Why is cleaning the entire system important? Hoods and fire protection systems have the most legal requirements of any equipment in the kitchen. The health department is concerned about sanitation; the fire department is worried about fire hazards and an environment agency is often worried about emissions pouring from the ducts.

Most cooking facility fires originate in the cooking area which can quickly spread into the exhaust systems and onto the roof. Keeping a grease-free and fire safe system can protect you from this hazard.

How often does my system need to be cleaned? Frequency of cleaning depends on many variables, the type of cooking you do and how often the system is used. We schedule your cleaning based on the needs of each location at monthly, quarterly or semi-annually . We constantly review and will suggest changes to your cleaning intervals if necessary.

Do you have a Fire Risk in your Upper Canopy?   Ring Cameron today for your free inspection and photo analysis:

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Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning – View our Horror Photo Collection

Here is the classic bad clean where only the area behind the filter has been cleaned in a circular motion and the rest untouched.

Regular and thorough maintenance of the hood and ductwork exhaust system will help to ensure a secure environment for cooking. A system that is safely working provides optimum performance and will lead to working environment that’s cooler, cleaner and more productive for the staff.

Here are some photos that my opposition don’t want you to see. I have put together a selection of before and after canopy and fan photos.

This poor standard of clean is prevalent across all Gold Coast and Queensland hotels and restaurants: Continue reading

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Leaders in Kitchen Exhaust Hood Ductwork and Duct Cleaning / Cleaners

At Fat Busters we clean the whole Ductwork to reduce all fire hazards

Fatbusters Steam cleaning are the Market Leaders in kitchen exhaust hood, ductwork and duct cleaning in Queensland. If your kitchen canopy hoods are not in a clean condition you may have a fire hazard.

How do you know if you have a Fire Hazard?

Ring 0414714948

Every year approxiamately 5000 restaurant fires are reported with total loss reaching $80 million. These fires originated in the cooking area, which then explodes into the exhaust system and onto the roof where the fire can quickly spread. Grease fires turn very hot quickly reaching approximately 1400 degrees. With this kind of heat, fire spreads rapidly. Keeping a grease free and fire safe kitchen exhaust duct and ductwork can protect your restaurant from fire hazards. Continue reading

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